As per the game jam challenge for Jen's 2016 birthday, assets were sent in from friends far and wide to be made into a game. This is the game that was made by friends primarily during my recent birthday party. The rough version is playable here. This is a slightly more playable, friendly version.

The objective is to click the tiny yellow key that is bouncing around.  Try not to touch any turtlebutts!

Game design shoutouts go to my friends who helped out:

  • Stacey provided some fabulous sprites, particulary THE TURTLEBUTT, and a great audio clip for the win state.
  • Tim provided silliness and another audio clip... for when you lose.
  • Kandis gave game design input! Yes!
  • Christine shared some AMAZING photography, which I promptly cannibalized for this nefarious project.
  • Gabe sent in DETAILED character designs and images, of which I have used just one.  Lots of creativity, thank you!
  • Melinda provided a special froggy guest. Thanks, dollface!
  • Cara provided the lovely cat and a few other assets that I liked.
  • Emily provided a sweet birthday pic, yay!

I know this is a little late, but I hope you have fun and enjoy knowing that you've contributed to something short, sweet, and a blast for me.

Thank you!